Cartoon Network Arcade is one of the network's flagship digital products. It combines an ever-expanding library of HTML5 games with a unique figure collecting system. Fans can collect figures by watching and scanning their favorite Cartoon Network shows. CN Arcade uses auto-content recognition (ACR) technology to identify Cartoon Network shows and reward users with exclusive collectible figures. 
As lead writer for Cartoon Network Arcade, I am responsible for content and messaging within the app, including game storylines, stunts, new features, notifications, and user acquisition campaigns. Using my deep knowledge of Cartoon Network shows, I provide creative guidance on game concepts, figure design, content rollout, and new features.
In addition to working on the content of Cartoon Network Arcade, I also scripted, produced, and voice-directed two one-minute interstitial pieces for Cartoon Network On-Air. These spots used the character Beast Boy to better explain the figure collecting process and promote to the Collect-a-thon stunt and Dodge Squad game.

Beast Boy Collect-A-Thon figure collecting spot

Beast Boy Dodge Squad game spot

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